8 Ways Beehive Escape

8 Ways Beehive Escape is made of lightweight and durable plastic, it is great for beekeeping. This product is a great addition to any keeper’s kit of supplies. Thie plastic bee portal tool helps to clear bees from a box of honey with minimal stress to the beekeeper and the bees when it comes time to collect the honey. 26mm diameter with fixing and sensory holes. It requires pinning into a 50mm deep chamber board. This is simply 4 laths of timber 50mm wide tacked to a sheet of 6mm plywood. Cut a 75mm diameter hole central in the board and put the escape inside the chamber with the central void of the escape over the hole cut in the plywood.




8 Ways Beehive Escape


ABS Plastic


As pictures show


100% New


Ango Apiculture

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Details About 8 Ways Beehive Escape

  • This must be one of the quickest ways to vacate bees from parts of your hive using any bee escape.
  • There are 8 ways for bees to get out from the beehive, convenient to use if you want to vacate the bee box.
  • Made of plastic material, no harm to bees.
  • It will fit directly over a hole in the middle of your crown board.
  • 100% Brand New, High Quality.

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