What’s in Your Beekeeping Toolkit?

Beekeeping is a specialized hobby and, as such, a beekeeper may need a few specialized items to go through their hives and complete a typical inspection and routine tasks. Luckily, most tools in beekeeping are multi-purpose, and while a beekeeper will need a toolkit of some form, it need not

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Get Your Hives Off The Ground

While you could start a beehive by setting your hive directly on the ground and the bees might just make do, at least for a while, utilizing a hive stand for all your hives is nearly a prerequisite in beekeeping. Hive stands are available commercially, and can also be made

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Marking A Queen Bee

Why Marking a Queen is Not Essential   Without a queen, or without a healthy queen, the colony will be on a path to collapse. Usually, the bees will intervene and take care of things on their own accord. But other times beekeeper intervention will be required. Regardless, knowing your

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Nucs or Package Bees – Which is Better?

Like any new hobby, beekeeping has some words that most people don’t understand.  When I first became interested in beekeeping I began to read everything I could online. Luckily, there is  a lot of information online for prospective beekeepers. However, one word kept popping up that I did not understand

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Why Bees Fascinate Me

More than just a dog person… I have been an unabashed dog person for most of my life. The sloppy kisses, keen intelligence, and bold demand for belly rubs: have long been thought to be the perfect companion, filling a human need for love. But in between vacuuming dog drool

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The Beekeeper’s Role in Avoiding Colony Starvation

Bees are remarkably resilient. From hot to cold and through the seasons, bees are adaptable to climates nearly across the board. But with populations numbering in the tens of thousands, the needs of a colony are significant. Bees understand this, of course, and throughout the warmer months, they gather and

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Bees And Pesticides: What Is Safe?

As a general rule, we recommend against the use of pesticides or any form of chemicals around your bees wherever possible. However, we also recognize that many of you are avid gardeners or are well within your bees’ range of neighbors who will use pesticides. The following guidance is therefore

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Do You Struggle To Find Your Queen?

Before you tear into your hive, disturbing the bees and disrupting their home, think about your mission. Most times, we don’t need to see our queen up close and personal, we only need to know she is alive, well, and laying a gazillion eggs. In many cases, the brood nest

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A Guide to Beehive Entrance Management

Bees in the wild make good use of whatever entrances to a space they can find. In the managed environment of our own beehives, however, entrance management is an important skill beekeeper can utilize. From the width of an entrance to their location and number, how your bees are getting

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