Beehive Screened Bottom Board

Customize your Langstroth beehive with Beehive Screened Bottom Board from Ango Apiculture. This screen provides excellent ventilation in hot climates and prevents the unwanted buildup of condensation on the hive. It also helps keep beetles out of the hive, and the small openings create an easy exit for small mites when the bees groom themselves. The bottom screen can be switched out easily at any time, even when there is an active colony inside. Comes fully assembled right out of the box, so you can give extra ventilation to your beehive in no time.




10 & 8 Frame Beehive Screened Bottom Board


NZ Pine, stainless steel mesh, plywood


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Beehive Screened Bottom Board

  • Firstly, we create affordable solutions designed with creativity and quality to help improve your beekeeping setup. This Beehive Screened Bottom Board gives you the option of using a ventilated bottom board for your hive.
  • Secondly, fits 10 frames of Langstroth beehives. The durable wood and screen material is built to last. The 8 frame model also available.
  • Thirdly, provides airflow to adequately ventilate the hive and prevent the buildup of condensation, keeping the bees nice and cool. Great for use in hot climates or during warm summer months.
  • The Beehive Screened Bottom Board can assist with keeping small beetles and mites out of the hive.
  • Zero assemblies are required out of the box! Bottom boards can be easily switched out of your hive at any time, even when there is an active colony inside.

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