Beekeeping Hive Carrier

Moving a Hive can be a big heavy job, but our Beekeeping Hive Carrier will lighten your load. Lets two people move a hive to the yard from the truck or move full supers from the yard to the truck. Designed for easy operation.




Beekeeping Hive Carrier


Steel Tubing




12.6 pounds


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Beekeeping Hive Carrier

  • Firstly, the hive bee carrier made of steel tubing for durability and solidarity.
  • Secondly, the crossbar can be installed in three different positions to adapt to beehives of different sizes. You can choose and staple the crossbar to the hive body.
  • Thirdly, it only takes one or two people to carry and you can carry the hive any place you like.
  • You need to unfold the carrier and place it over the hive and can adjust the unfolding angle for your convenience.
  • The tabs that extend from the crossbar will slide into the handholds and staple the crossbar to the hive body. Fast and easy installation.
  • The honey hive-bee carrier is suitable for handling beehives of different sizes, saving effort, and reducing your burden.

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