Breathable Kids Hooded Bee Suit

Our Breathable Kids Hooded Bee Suit will let your kids enjoy their own beekeeping experience, it is a multi-purpose youth-sized beekeeping suit. The lightweight material provides protection against stings while keeping you cool during hot summer days. Perfect for kids who are learning the art of beekeeping or wanting a creative costume. Designed for children height from  120cm to 140cm. Please check the measurements before purchasing to ensure a good fit. You can also send us your kids’ measurements and we can custom cut a bee suit for kids.




3 Layer Breathable Kids Hooded Bee Suit

Size M

3.9~4.26ft (120~130cm)

Size L

4.26~4.6ft (130~140cm)


3 Layer Ventilated Net


White, etc


Unisex design


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Breathable Kids Hooded Bee Suit

  • Firstly, our Breathable Kids Hooded Bee Suit comes with a 3 layer net design that allows air to circulate around your body while protecting against bee stings.
  • Secondly, The Multi-layer cotton material design can block and breathe heat. 100% synthetic ventilation panels are more breathable and comfortable than ordinary cotton material. It is the best choice for hot.
  • Thirdly, Our Breathable Kids Hooded Bee Suit comes with stitched elastic loop bands at the wrists, ankles, and feet. They’re effective in preventing the cuffs from sliding or rolling up while you work.
  • Moreover, the suit keeps your kids covered, protects you from stinging. Essential equipment for protecting the child against the stings of bees while visiting the bee farm.
  • With this suit, kids will be very relaxing because no bees were getting through. The kid looks super cool wearing it.

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