Combcapper Uncapping Frame Rest

Boardman beehive entrance feeder is a durable and easy bee drinking tool, use a glass or plastic jar filled with syrup or water and then seal the jar with a lid, turn the plastic base over and press it against the lid; Turn the entire feeder over and partially into the entrance to the hive; The vacuum pressure in the sealed will prevent continuous dripping.

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 33 × 14 × 2 cm

40pcs/carton; 58*51*35cm; 19kgs







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Details About Combcapper Uncapping Frame Rest

  •  Firstly, the combcapper uncapping frame rest is a good tool for scraping the honeycomb,  is suitable for all types of frame and all standard honey buckets.
  • Secondly, this Combcapper portable uncapping bench is a cost-effective solution for beekeepers looking to remove honeycomb cappings from their frames.
  • Thirdly, simply attach the Combcapper to the lip of your bucket, insert your frame in the frame rest, and remove your capping. The cappings fall into the bucket, making it easy for you to strain and fill your jars. The underside recessed arch provides added stability.
  • Moreover, the combcapper uncapping frame rest is made of durable 20% glass-filled polypropylene resin and is dishwasher safe. Meaning it’s perfect to use time and again.


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