Foam Bee Mating Nuc Hive

Foam mating NUC hive insulation performance is three times that of wooden materials. It can keep the miniature bee colony against the heat and cold.

Weight 0.435 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 18 cm

High-quality Form


24pcs/carton; 61cm*51cm*41cm; 10kg





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Details About Foam Bee Mating Nuc Hive

  • Firstly, This foam mating NUC hive design for pollination of bees and is a professional tool for beekeeping.
  • The core of the mini polystyrene mating can be used to mate with several bees. Due to the small number of worker bees, the colonies have a spherical structure, which is more conducive to worker bee feeding than the standard group. Feeding, protecting the queen bee, raising the queen is of high quality.
  • Secondly, This foam mating NUC hive has a sliding front panel that covers the ventilation mesh or entrance. So that the nuc can move to the mating hive easily. There is a feeding section behind, separated by a queen eliminator.
  • Thirdly, The bee breeding base equip with a complete bee king fitting device and ventilation holes. As well as a soft white foam casing, which is light and portable. The transit queen can easily and safely protect the transportation process, and the update can also start beekeeping and self-service beekeeping at any time.
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance – 3 to 5 times of wood. Ensuring that beekeepers continue to breed high-quality bee kings in early spring, hot summer and late autumn.


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