Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand Holder

With the transfusion of honey, the useful Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand Holder for buckets will undoubtedly save time and effort. All you need is to install it on a bucket and place a bucket of honey on top. The beekeeper all this time does not need to prop up a heavy bucket and wait until the last drop is over. The holder is made of durable metal, which ensures its durability and reliability. It securely holds the buckets to each other, allowing the honey to drain almost without the participation of its beekeeper. The honey overflows, the beekeeper rests. The holder is simple in its construction, but practical. It’s ideal for checking hives or harvesting honey. A great bonus beekeeping tool for the beekeeper. Most suitable for 5-gallon buckets (23-25 cm/9-10 inches in diameter; thickness: 0.3 cm/0.12 inches or less)



Product Name

Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand Holder


Stainless steel


As the shown in the picture


8.64 Oz


Chrome silver


100% Brand new

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Details About Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand Holder

  • Good Quality Material – Our Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand HolderMade out of high-quality stainless steel – anti-rust and durable, no problem for long-term usage. The holder is firm and steady, can withstand the weight of up to 20 kg/44 lbs.
  • Easy to Grip Bucket – Hooks onto the side of your tank/bucket easily and firmly; makes pouring honey and beeswax to another container a piece of cake. This tool makes lifting the bucket from the hive becomes an easy job, and makes removing heavy buckets easier and safer for you and the hard-working bees.
  • Save Your Back & Arms From Strain – Holds the bucket and drains the honey for you – hands-free and without strain! When you use this Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand Holder,  there’s no need to wait until the last drop of honey drips out; just rest this holder on the side of your storage tank and place any 5-gallon bucket on top of it; it’ll do the work by itself.
  • Multi-Purposes – Besides honey and beeswax, this Honey Bucket Pouring Rack Stand Holder is also ideal for pouring other liquids, such as liquid malt extract, brown rice syrup, Mizuame, milk, and yogurt. The bucket itself can also be used as a storage container for farm vegetables or fruits.
  • No Assembly Required & Easy to Clean – In a ready-to-use form – the one-size, one-piece construction makes it easy and simple for users, saving time and energy to figure out how to assemble the rack. For cleaning, simply use wet towels to wipe its surface and let it dry on itself.

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