J-Shaped Metal Frame Rest

J-Shaped Metal Frame Rest is made for hive bodies and supers with 5/8″ frame rest. These will fit our 10-frame equipment but To use in 8 frame boxes, cut with tin snips or a hacksaw. Provides greater durability where your frames rest in the box. Increases the longevity of your box in an area that is cleaned often with your hive tool.

Light gauge pre-punched and pre-bent metal parts fit over frame rests and nail into place. These metal parts increase the life of your supers and ease super cleaning by protecting the wooden frame rests during cleaning.




J-Shaped Metal Frame Rest


Galvanized Iron


41.8cm or cutomized


100% New



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Details About J-Shaped Metal Frame Rest

  • Manufactured with either a 45 or 90-degree angle. Or named as “L” or “J” shaped (depending on the design of your supers)
  • The 90-degree frame rests sit flush between super and frame. L-shaped to help eliminate another hiding place for the small hive beetle.
  • The 45-degree frame rests generate a point, which reduces the surface area between frame and super.
  • Frames sitting atop 45-degree frame rests are sometimes easier to pry loose.
  • ¾” nails sold separately.

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