Metal Round Bee Escape

Metal Round Bee Escape is very popular, as it is mounted either singularly or in pairs, towards the center of the board, and has two routes of exit, and works well in preventing bees from re-entering the honey supers. The metal version is preferred by some as the metal construction is so durable.  It will simply stand up to any sort of rough handling. Note that there needs to be plenty of room below the escape board for the exiting bees to easily leave the honey supers.




Metal Round Bee Escape


Galvanized Iron


Dia. 4 inch


100% New



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Details About Metal Round Bee Escape

  • Metal Round Bee Escape is a one-way door that allows workers to leave the honey super and return to the brood nest during the night. But the board foils their attempts to reenter the box.
  • The Metal Round Bee Escape has two exits is effective in preventing bees from re-entering the honey supers. Diameter: 120mm. You will need to assemble this escape onto a board or buy one of our assembled bee escape boards.
  • This is used before extracting honey; place a bee escape board (or crown board) below your box of honeycomb 24 hours before you plan to harvest honey, and you’ll return to find a mostly empty box.

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