Portable Manual Bee Honey Press

Portable Manual Bee Honey Press will By using a simple turning motion that you can instantly change regular dough into different sizes of honey or juicing the fruits with the handle, work smoothly and durable. It can be cleaned by water and keep as bright as when new simply unscrew and change the moulds discs then you can get the honey by yourself and it is easy to unscrew all the components for hand washing.




Portable Manual Bee Honey Press


Stainless steel


665g / 23.5oz


As picture show


100% New



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Details About Portable Manual Bee Honey Press

  • Portable Manual Bee Honey Press can quickly separate beeswax and honey and improve work efficiency.
  • Selected food-grade stainless steel, healthy, non-toxic, durable.
  • Excellent beekeeping equipment, honey is easy to extract, providing convenience for beekeepers.
  • With stainless steel filter, it can filter impurities in honey and extract pure honey.
  • Portable Manual Bee Honey Press is small in size, compact structure, easy to carry, simple operation, it is an essential product for beekeepers.

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