Round Beehive Escape Runner

Place the Round Beehive Escape Runner in the crown board slots with the top hole uppermost. This supplies just enough tension for the bees to pass through yet are close enough together to prevent their return. Bees leave the super, pass through the 22mm diameter hole, and into the chamber of the escape. The basic principle of its use is simplicity itself – a one-way valve.




Round Beehive Escape Runner


ABS Plastic


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Details About Round Beehive Escape Runner

  • For removing bees prior to harvest. -Small escape/round.
  • Round Beehive Escape Runner is a great tool for removing your bees prior to harvest.
  • Simply place a board between the brood chamber and honey super a day before you want to harvest. There are no bees that will be left in your honey super.
  • This is used before extracting honey; place a bee escape board (or crown board) below your box of honeycomb 24 hours before you plan to harvest honey, and you’ll return to find a mostly empty box.
  • Round Beehive Escape Runner is a one-way door that allows workers to leave the honey super and return to the brood nest during the night, but the board foils their attempts to reenter the box.
  • The round bee escape has two exits is effective in preventing bees from re-entering the honey supers. Diameter: 120mm. You will need to assemble this escape onto a board or buy one of our assembled bee escape boards.

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