Standard 10 Frame Dadant Beehive

Standard 10 Frame Dadant Beehive is very popular in the European market and is very suitable for European beekeepers. Dadant Beehive constructed with premium Pinewood for improved durability to maximize the service life.



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Standard 10 Frame Dadant Beehive


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NZ Pine


3 layer / 4 layer / 5 layer are available


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Ango Apiculture

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Details About Standard 10 Frame Dadant Beehive

  • Firstly, our Dadant Beehive made of NZ pine and has a thickness of 24mm. It is very durable.  Besides, we can also produce wooden items according to your requirements.
  • Secondly, Standard 10 Frame Dadant Beehive includes – 1. hive bottom board with mesh and metal tray; 2. hive made by pine with wood entry door and front metal cover; 3. inner cover with metal disk; 4. the super with handles milled inside; 5. outer metal cover; 6. metal details: screws, nails, metal handles, corners, metal spacers, metal reducer with slides, butterfly screws.
  • Moreover, the Dadant beehive offers a one-year warranty and free beekeeping technology online consultation. I look forward to your consultation.

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