Upgrade Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive

Affordable Durable Upgrade Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive very nice, you can use it several times. The mating box structure design looks secure. Durable high-density polystyrene.
As a new beekeeper, it’s a good product and makes for quick and easy hobby-level queen rearing.




Upgrade Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive


High-quality Form


24 *16*18 cm


24pcs/carton; 61cm*51cm*41cm; 10kg



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Details About Upgrade Polystyrene Mating Nucs Hive

  • Firstly, made of high-quality polystyrene foam box and plastic parts. The new type upgrade from the previous white foam bee feeder to a green food-grade plastic bee feeder frame. It is more durable and clean. 
  • Secondly, including combined frame + anti-escape nest door + ventilation window + feed nest board.
  • Thirdly, the independent feeding box is located in the rear part of the box, which is convenient to add feed and also helps prevent escape.
  • The structure of the box is reasonable, and a large number of queen bees can be cultivated continuously only by using hundreds of honey.
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance. The thermal insulation performance of plastic foam is three times that of wooden materials. It can protect miniature bee colonies from heat and cold.

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