Vented Round Veil Bee Jacket

Vented Round Veil Bee Jacket having extraordinary features. Professionally designed suites using Light-Weight material, keeping in view the needs of Beekeepers. Most comfortable and convenient design from every aspect. Made of extra strong, long-lasting 3 layers mesh, allowing maximum air to circulate around the body while working in hot weather conditions. Stitched with Polyester Mesh from inside and outside. The overall thickness of the 3 layers makes it 99% sting proof. Adjustable Wrists and Cuffs with Elastic Loops. Elasticated waistband. Fabric panels on wrists and waist areas for more protection.




Vented Round Veil Bee Jacket


3 Layer breathable net


Resin zipper ( Metal or YKK zipper can be supplied )




As shown in the chart


Unisex design


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Vented Round Veil Bee Jacket

  • Firstly, Vented Round Veil Bee Jacket with multi-layer cotton material design can block and breathe heat. 100% synthetic ventilation panels are more breathable and comfortable than ordinary cotton material. It is the best choice for hot.
  • Secondly, 100% Cotton comfort fabric, which means it is extremely lightweight, thus preventing excessive sweating, machine washable.
  • The vented jacket is designed with a slightly longer torso with the beekeeper in mind to prevent the jacket from riding up when bending over, making you more secure and ultra-confident when working your bees; a feature designed for both men and women so everyone can be sting-free in the bee yard.
  • The collar won’t rub against your neck and provides a wide enough opening to pull the jacket off and put it on without unzipping the veil or front zipper. This one feature alone will help you get in and out of your beehive quickly and will make this jacket a natural part of your beekeeping kit. The veil is completely removable and can hand-wash while the jacket is machine washable
  • Thirdly, detachable Veil Hood for easy cleaning and storage; Mesh on the round veil is of tough quality and all-round visibility. Double-stitched pockets design for carrying tools.
  • Besides, Vented Round Veil Bee Jacket fits with the elastic waist and cuffs, whether you are fat or slim, both can wear comfortably. Plus thumb hold to keep the suit perfectly in place. Regarding the size, simply review our size chart in product images to find the beekeeping jacket that fits you best.
  • Beekeeping-Body-Size-Chart

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