Bee Pollen Trap Collector

Bee Pollen Trap Collector made from high-quality plastic, eco-friendly, healthy and non-toxic, strong, and very durable.  Easy installation, this pollen collector is placed at the entrance of a beehive. The pollen on the legs of the bee touches the edges of the holes and falls into a special box for its collection. This beekeeping tool makes pollen-collecting work easier and more convenient. An important tool for beekeepers to collect clean pollen, very practical to use.



Product Name

Bee Pollen Trap Collector


As shown in the picture




ABS Plastic


Orange + Blue + White


100% New

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Details About Bee Pollen Trap Collector

  • Firstly, the Bee Pollen Trap Collector is very easy to assemble, ventilated, and removed.
  • Secondly, pollen trap with removable ventilated pollen tray used in the beekeeping industry.
  • Thirdly, easy to install, no dirt or refuse will enter resulting in cleaner pollen.
  • Besides, please screw it through the two holes and install it at the entrance of the beehive. This is a reasonable new design.
  • Moreover, Bee Pollen Trap Collector made of high-quality plastic, durable and harmless to bees.

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