Beehive Board Rhombus Bee Escape

Beehive Board Rhombus Bee Escape makes clearing out your supers fast & simple. Attach over the hole of any standard inner cover & place beneath the Super you want to be cleared. It serves as a one-way door allowing bees to pass through & exit the Super. Bees will clear the Super in as few as 4 hours. Do not leave the escape in place for an extended period of time as the bees will eventually find their way back in.




Beehive Board Rhombus Bee Escape


ABS Plastic


37cm long, 12cm wide, and 1cm deep.


White / Yellow


100% New



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Details About Beehive Board Rhombus Bee Escape

  • Rhombus Bee Escape Board Fully Assembled.
  • Rhombus Escape Made From Food Grade Plastic.
  • Used to clear bees from supers.
  • Works with any standard inner cover.
  • Serves as a one-way door allowing bees to exit the super.
  • its big communication area allows a quick descent of the bees. The exits, placed in the corners of the hive, and far from the whole of Ø 60 mm and the double cone avoid the return of the bees in the hive.
  • For a good operation, the bee escape must be used in a hive equipped with a queen excluder. Thus, in the honey chamber, there is no brood which could slow the down of the bees.

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