British National Beehive Excluder

British National Beehive Excluder works by separating the brood nest from the boxes where the bees will store their excess honey, helping keep the hive organized and making honey harvesting easier. Using a queen excluder helps a beekeeper be more confident of where their queen is in the beehive, making it easier to find her among the frames. Our queen excluder is designed to fit all beehives and is simply placed flat above the boxes where the queen laying eggs and below the boxes where honey is stored. The spaces in the grid are perfectly spaced large enough to allow the smaller worker bees through the holes, but small enough to exclude the queen and keeping her from entering the honey boxes. 




British National Beehive Excluder


Food-grade plastic




100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About British National Beehive Excluder

  • Firstly, British National Beehive Excluder makes the queen stay in the lower hive instead of entering the upper hive. So as to keep the hive in order and make worker bees convenient to collect honey.
  • Secondly, the smooth oval gap design and circular edge make it safe and convenient for bees to pass through the eliminator without scratching their legs and wings, thus improving the efficiency of honey brewing.
  • It is 460mm*460mm.

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