Galvanized Beehive Mouse Guard

Galvanized Beehive Mouse Guard is constructed from high-quality galvanized steel and is designed for a 10 frame hive. Place the mouse guard at the entrance of your hive in order to prevent unwanted mice from entering the hive. The 3/8″ holes are the right size for worker bees to enter and exit the hive and will keep the mice out. A simple and effective perforated Galvanised metal strip to attach to your beehive to keep the mice out of your hive. Beehive mouse guards are an essential item in the winter to protect your colony.




Galvanized Beehive Mouse Guard


Galvanized steel


470mm long by 40mm wide


100% New



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Details About Galvanized Beehive Mouse Guard

  • A galvanized steel mouse guard.
  • Secure in place in front of the hive entrance.
  • Pre-drilled holes for pinning to hive.
  • Holes are big enough for bees to pass through but not mice.
  • Pins not included (can be bought separately).

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