Square Veil Beekeeping Children Suit

Our Square Veil Beekeeping Children Suit will let your kids enjoy their own beekeeping experience, it is a multi-purpose youth-sized beekeeping suit. The lightweight material provides protection against stings while keeping you cool during hot summer days. Perfect for kids who are learning the art of beekeeping or wanting a creative costume. Designed for children height from  120cm to 140cm. Please check the measurements before purchasing to ensure a good fit.




Square Veil Beekeeping Children Suit

Size M

3.9~4.26ft (120~130cm)

Size L

4.26~4.6ft (130~140cm)


Pure cotton or polyester cotton


Yellow; white, etc.


Unisex design


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Square Veil Beekeeping Children Suit

  • Firstly, Square Veil Beekeeping Children Suit made of quality material, lightweight and durable, cool and comfortable; Machine Washable.
  • Secondly, the strong zipper design, easy to detach and install; Allows great visibility.
  • Thirdly, tailored fit with an elastic waist, elastic wrists, and elastic ankles to keep everything comfortably in place and provide extra protection.
  • Moreover, the full-body Square Veil Beekeeping Children Suit and veil keep your kids covered, protect you from stinging.
  • With this suit, kids will be very relaxing because no bees were getting through.

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