Square Folding Veil Anti Bees

The design of the Square Folding Veil Anti Bees Hats is practical and beautiful. It is a removable top hat design, you can fold the hat flat, easy to carry, and storage. It is also perfect for Fishing Beekeeping Gardening Hiking etc.



Product Name

Square Folding Veil Anti Bees


Cotton mesh, Metal mesh


White, Yellow, customized


100% New

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Ango Apiculture

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Details About Square Folding Veil Anti Bees

  • Firstly, the Square Folding Veil Anti Bees hat includes a square veil, shoulder coverage, and straps. No plastic Helmet.
  • Secondly, the veil is designed with a firm material and structure so it sits nicely no matter what position you get into doing work around your beehives. 
  • Thirdly, the large panels allow great visibility. There is a comfortable space from the veil to your face and the mesh.
  • The helmet is required, sold separately.

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