Stainless Steel Tank Beeswax Press

Stainless Steel Tank Beeswax Press can be used to squeeze wax and honey.
1. Method of pressing honey:
Chop the cut honey with a honey cutting knife, put it into a woven bag (like a sugar cloth bag), and put it into the mesh honey press, or directly pour the chopped honey into the mesh honey press. Press it with the pressure plate, align the lead screw with the round hole in the middle of the pressure plate, hold the handle, and rotate it, and the honey will flow out. The operation is simple, time-saving, and labor-saving, and it solves the problem of difficult honey pressing.

2. Method of squeezing wax:
Put the wax residue to be squeezed into the iron pan and melt it to boiling, then use a spoon to scoop it into the machine to squeeze (wax is a solid-state at room temperature, so it needs to be heated).




Stainless Steel Tank Beeswax Press


Stainless steel




H 580mm*W 300mm* L 400mm


100% New



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Details About Stainless Steel Tank Beeswax Press

  • Stainless Steel Tank Beeswax Press can squeeze 10L of honey at a time, the capacity is large.
  • It is made of food-grade thickened stainless steel. when used will not produce toxicity, will not seep into the food, to maximize the retention of honey ingredients nutrients.
  • Easy clean and operate, simple design, easy to clean and operate. Saves a lot of time and reduces confusion. The ingredients of the food are well protected without any damage.
  • The size of the nozzle of our honey press machine is suitable, the speed of honey is moderate, and it will not be wasted by splashing everywhere, which can save honey to the greatest extent. High honey output and cost savings.
  • Main used for farm, bee yard, food, beauty or chemical factory. This Stainless Steel Tank Beeswax Press also could use for fruit or vegetable to make wine or juice.

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