Wooden Frames With Plastic Foundation

The Wooden Frames With Plastic Foundation is one of the most important tools in beekeeping, and it is our advantage product. We have the largest wood products workshop in China, and we can produce all kinds of wooden bee frames, like Langstroth, WPS, Hoffman frame, Dadant Frame, etc.




Wooden Frames With Plastic Foundation


NZ Pine, Plastic foundation


Langstroth, Dadant, Hoffman, WPS, etc


Black, yellow, green, etc.


100% new


Ango Apiculture

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Details About Wooden Frames With Plastic Foundation

  • Firstly, Ango Apiculture is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development, and production of beekeeping supplies. All of our Wooden Frames With Plastic Foundation comply with international quality standards and greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
  • Secondly, kinds of Wooden Frames With Plastic Foundation can be manufactured, top quality but at a competitive price.
  • Thirdly, wood frames and food-grade plastic foundations are durable and designed to be reused year after year. Any other special requirements on the beehive frame can be met.
  • Moreover, dipping the plastic foundation into beeswax services can be provided by request. It helps your bees build an even layer of comb quickly.
  • For example, the Langstroth frame size as follows for your reference, please check it.
    Deep frame
    483*448*232 mm=9 1/8”
    Medium frame
    483*448*158mm= 6 1/4”
    Shallow frame
    483*448*143 mm= 5 3/8”
    Top bar
    26mm(W)X 16mm(thickness)
    Bottom bar
    20mm(W)X 13mm(thickness)
    Side bar=end bar
    36mm(W)X 10mm(thickness)

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