Plastic Sliding Beehive Entrance

Plastic Sliding Beehive Entrance is set in yellow and green, bees can easily identify and quickly enter the hive. By adjusting the size of the honeycomb entrance, bees can enter and leave more easily. It fits the opening between the bottom of the beehive and the first brooding room. It can easily control the size of the opening of the beehive. Colleagues allow Fengfeng to enter safely and quickly. Very suitable for weak hives, while still providing some air circulation in winter. It is an ideal choice for the beehive. Use it to close some hives and move them to new locations.




Plastic Sliding Beehive Entrance


ABS Plastic


Length: 31.5cm / 37.5cm / 41cm / 45cm


100% New



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Details About Plastic Sliding Beehive Entrance

  • This entrance reduces fits over the entrance of a hive. It is to prevent mice from entering while still allowing bees full access.
  • It is ideal for winterizing hives as it provides maximum protection against robbery.
  • The Entrance Reducer fits snugly in the opening between the bottom board and your first brood chamber to control the size of the entrance to the hive.
  • Perfect for weaker hives until they build up or to keep out some of the cold while still providing some air movement in winter.
  • Made of durable plastic material, lightweight and portable.

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